The Fall - Live at Belgrave Leeds

To watch, let alone photograph The Fall with Mark E Smith at the helm was for me a career defining moment and rare chance to witness an iconic band who have been on my list since the early 90's. The atmosphere at this sold out show was electric, the sense of expectation heightened even more by the rigorous guest list checks. It was a great relief to get the eventual green light from the Tour Manager with usual "3 songs no flash then do one" instructions displayed to me on the sound engineers mobile. 

Heart racing I welded myself to just left of the main mike stand and waited for Mr Mark E Smith to swagger into view. I reflected on many interviews from past issues of NME and Melody Maker where people like the late John Peel, Damon Albarn, Brett Anderson and many more influential people from my favourite era would cite the Fall as essential listening.

I loved the intro, grabbed my shots and of course made my exit after 3 songs to allow the baying crowds get better access to their hero.

Watching from the back I could see what some of the fuss was about and felt richer for it. 

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